US Petroleum Marine Services Corp. We are dedicated to shipping and transportation activity in general which includes operations and commercial holdings of our own vessels. We offer transport services of barges, ships, petroleum products and terrestrial machinery, hoisting in general, marine construction of all kinds, salvage, repair and construction of buoys, maintenance and repair of engines, supply of personnel and transportation by sea or helicopter. We also transport freight such as housing, fuel, drinking water, gravel, collection of brine and tank cleaning sandblasting, industrial painting and marine service in general. Provide services of manufacturing and maintenance, and upgrade to maritime and land units for the shipping and petroleum industry nationally and internationally through the use of advanced technologies in order to comply with the standards of quality and safety that meet the demands of our customers. Offer our services so that they meet the needs of our clients within the parameters of quality, safety, and a set time while keeping a set and trained personnel that contributes to a continuous improvement of our processes using as a basis the associated rules while using all efforts required to have a full understanding of the development of projects..More about the company next link //